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Information [Sticky] Forum Rules

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  1. You must be 18 and over to join the forum.
  2. No underage content allowed.If you are in doubt about the age of a girl, do not post it.
  3. Do not post private or candid pictures or videos.
  4. Do not post illegal or copyrighted content, gore, animals being hurt, etc...
  5. No trolling or insulting forum members or staff.
  6. Do not troll threads moaning about how unattractive you find the model in the picture.Move to another thread.
  7. No spam.
  8. Do not advertise in your signature, posts or profile feed.You may link to your personal site in your signature.
  9. No referrals, no selling or trading.
  10. No homophobic, transphobic comments.
  11. No racist comments or content, memes, gifs, etc...
  12. Do not discuss how to carry out illegal activities.
  13. Do not share pirated software.
  14. Nude erotic tasty pics are allowed, pornography is not allowed.
  15. The official language of is english.
  16. Uploads onto for-profit hosts (like Rapidgator, Uploaded...)are not allowed.
Posted : 09/07/2022 6:44 am
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